Finding Love

Dating Sunday - The Busiest Day of the Year for Online Dating

Did you know today is Dating Sunday? It is the peak day for online dating according to online dating app/ site stats. Every year on the first Sunday of the year singles jump online to look for love. Why? The weather is usually lousy, the holidays are behind you, your weekend is winding down, and before you jump back to your Monday work routine you jump online. Here are some tips to make the most of it.

Not online? Why do it? Expanding your circles is the #1 way to meet other singles. Online dating is one of many ways to expand your circles to meet more singles of the opposite sex — with your slippers on! It is the most inexpensive way to expand your dating possibilities.

What are the top sites? In the Bay Area the most popular ones for professional singles are Bumble, The League, and Coffee Meet Bagel. Older singles (55+) tend to gravitate towards There is no perfect dating site/ app, and singles complain about them all. Remember, it just takes meeting that special person to make it worth it.

A portfolio approach to finding love is your best best. Consider online dating apps as only one part of your plan, make sure you diversify with other strategies when finding love. After all - would you put all your money in just one stock?

Is it ever too late to find love?

Is it ever too late to find true love? As a matchmaker and love coach, I’d say no. I’ve seen people fall in love in the strangest circumstances, places and at every age. Our desire to be loved and to love is innate.

I often meet singles who have given up on love. Some older people say they have closed up shop. They have their reasons, yet many are fearful of getting hurt again. It’s natural and normal to protect yourself. Yet at ever juncture in our live — in every relationship we have there is a clear choice between love and fear. To love is to be open, embrace, trust and hope. To fear is to close down, distrust and be cynical. It is no surprise what the very different mindsets create in their lives.

Read this article for some inspiration and proof it isn’t too late.

Will you choose fear or love in 2019?