Shannon’s Circle

Shannon’s Circle is comprised of extraordinary people. Shannon’s Circle offers discreet, upscale, and exclusive matchmaking. Shannon also helps many other with dating in a digital world and being their "own" matchmaker.

Shannon’s Circle is primarily comprised of high-caliber men & women in the Bay Area who are well-educated, successful and enjoy fulfilling lives. They share a strong desire to meet someone wonderful to make their life even more rewarding

With Shannon's deep network, she can provide targeted matchmaking for high-caliber, wonderful people. Shannon is very selective about the people she partners with since she wants to make sure it will be mutually fulfilling. At the start, she makes sure there is a good fit. Common qualities they share:

  • Intelligent – Her clients are educated at the best schools and esteem higher education. They are graduates of the most prestigious universities and Ivy League schools. Many are Stanford, Harvard, Princeton, Brown, UC Berkeley and UCLA graduates with graduate degrees (MBA, doctorate, JD).
  • Successful - Many are leaders in their field and enjoy a fulfilling career. Clients are diverse yet include successful entrepreneurs, hedge fund managers, venture capitalists, attorneys, physicians, well-known artists & authors, senior executives, and CEOs.
  • Sophisticated & Cultured - Most travel extensively, enjoy fine dining, admire and acquire art, and attend cultural events.
  • Balanced - Many have worked hard in their chosen profession yet they know there is more to life than their career. They want to share their life with that one special person and value time investing in a wonderful relationship.
  • Strong Networks - Her clients come with strong networks of their own. Shannon shows them how to tap into their networks to help them on their love quest.
  • Open - Her clients are open to new people, new experiences, and constructive feedback. This is a critical ingredient for her clients in finding true love.
  • Giving - Her clients give back to the community. Many serve on local groups and non-profit boards. There is a spirit of philanthropy with their time and resources.

There is an exponential effect as Shannon’s Circle expands and multiplies with new people she meets and her client’s strong networks, the possibilities for great connections open up even more possibilities for you.