Date Coaching & How to Be Your Own Matchmaker

Shannon offers some special services to help you be your own matchmaker and attract the relationship you want.

Date Coaching

Shannon can help you achieve the results you want. Like an executive coach, Shannon helps you showcase yourself in the best light, develop a strategy and stay on-track. Her coaching can help you zoom in on what you want in a partner and identify what might be standing in your way. Shannon will help you identify your dating strengths and weaknesses and how you can achieve future relationship success. Shannon will recommend specific services to meet your needs. Samples services include:

  • Mock Date - Understand the impression you make on a date and how to put your best foot forward. This will help you refine your dating skills so you make the right impression
  • 360 Feedback - Receive aggregated feedback from your nearest and dearest. With these precious insights, you can make small changes that make a big difference.
  • Exit interviews - Get feedback from previous dates/exes can offer great insights.

Online Dating

While most people dread online dating, it can be a very effective way to expand your circles. With Shannon’s help you will master the digital dating world with everything from your photo, your online profile, and email exchanges. This will ensure the precious time you invest here maximizes your chances of finding that special someone.

  • Search strategy - Know what dating sites are best for you. Understand how to develop and execute an effective online dating search strategy
  • Email assistance - Learn how to write the emails that get the attention of the people you are most attracted to

Dating Profile Makeover

Great online profiles attract the types of people you want to meet. First impressions are especially critical in the online dating space where there is a tendency to be quickly rejected on superficial criteria. Make sure you have an extra pair of eyes on your profile before a prospective date does. This will ensure your profile stands out and captures the right attention.

Shannon can makeover your online dating profile to maximize your success. Shannon provides a full-service profile development service, including: hair/make-up/wardrobe consultation; professional photos, profile development, and recommendations of online sites to suit your interests and passions. Sample services include:

  • Online profile analysis - Review your existing online profile and give you suggestions for improvement.
  • Total online profile rewrite - Create a new, fun profile that shows the real you!
  • Professional photo shoot – Pictures are worth a thousand words. It is one of the best investments you can make in your search for love.

Social Circle Expansion

It can be hard to break out of your usual patterns and social circles. Whether you are starting anew in a new place or want to expand your circles in your home town. Shannon is a natural at connections and can help you expand your circles quickly. She will work with you to develop a strategy and plan to make it happen.

  • How to meet great people, everywhere you go
  • Find great singles - where are they in your city?
  • What to say and what not to say on a date
  • Conversation starters & flirting - never have trouble conversing with that cute someone again!

Wardrobe Consulting

Do you have the right wardrobe for 50 coffee dates and 30 casual hikes? You will need it! Having an attractive casual look and being confident in what you are wearing, can make all the difference. You need to know what to wear on your dates, to make sure you impress every time! No one wants to be told what to wear, how to act or present themselves, yet enhancing your image is one of the easiest way to open new circles in your life and expand your possibilities. The smallest little style tweaks can make a big difference in your wardrobe and with your confidence. Confidence is key when dating. Let Shannon’s stylist give you a wardrobe makeover.