Love Personality Types

ENFJ in Love Relationships

You feel most comfortable in a relationship. If you are focused on commitment and with take your relationships seriously.  You are focused on finding the right person for the long-run.

You love helping your partner and are very supportive towards their goals. You are comfortable talking about feeling and checking in on the progress of the relationship.  This is a good strategy to avoid conflict, yet you have to be careful about coming across as too needy.  Relax, and trust that your partner will also let you know if they have a concern.

If you’re partner is happy, you’re happy.  You will do everything to help your partner achieve their goals.  The downside is you sometimes focus too much on their dreams versus your own needs. Be sure to let your partner know what you need too.

You avoid conflict at all costs, yet this can lead to problems down the road.  It’s important to have conflict to resolve the core issue at hand sometimes.  Your desire to please and invest 100% in the relationship can backfire if you don’t stay true to you.

Your partner is lucky as you do all you can to make them happy and provide a foundation for a successful relationship.

Best matches:  ENFJ, INFJ, ENFP

You are one of the few types that does well with someone just like yourself -- another ENFJ.  You both like social events, a wide circle of friends and both enjoying planning for the future. INFJ and ENFP are also good matches for you.

ENFP in Love Relationships

You love relationships and love to share life with your partner. Connecting with another person is pure joy to you.  You take your relationships seriously and are devoted to the partner you commit to.

When dating, you are affectionate and devoted.  You don’t hold back. You may find yourself in a long-distance relationship as distance doesn’t matter to you.  The distance is a fun challenge to keep the relationship spark going.

You like to explore the future, and fantasize.  You can frustrate your partner by being focused on the future versus the present.  Your spontaneity can prevent you from staying focused on the long-term relationship.  You look for excitement and devotion from your partner, and if not received you will be unhappy.

You go for broke in your relationship and when they don’t work out you wonder what you could’ve done better.  Try not to take on the weight of the failure on your shoulders -- it is a two-way street.  You also can find it hard to try again after a failed relationship, yet do your best to try again.

Best matches:  ENTJ, INTJ, INTP

ENTJ in Love Relationships

Like most aspects of your life, you have goals and plans to achieve what you want in finding love.  You are in it to win it, and will take a lead role in your relationships.  You take responsibility for your relationship and work hard on making it a success.  You take relationships seriously and are committed to make it work when it’s right.

You put a lot of energy into your relationships. You come up with new ideas and plans to keep the spark when you are dating, and even in your relationship.  You seek to impress, even in the bedroom. You are known to plan this excitement in advance to delight your partner.

You seek to grow and improve yourself. You are very open to your partner’s feedback, provided it is rational.  You also expect your partner to do the same.

If you find the relationship is not a “fit”, you will cut bait.  This can surprise your love partner as once you make this decision, you end things quickly.

Your best match is with other intuitive (N) types who have one to two opposing traits to create a nice blend.  INTJ is a an excellent match given the sharing of “NT” core is exciting and bodes for deep conversations, and is drama-free. Trust and reliability is shared too.

Best matches:  INTJ, ENTP, ENFJ, INTP

ENTP in Love Relationships

You are innovative and progressive. These qualities show up in your romantic relationship as well.  Growth is fresh air to you in a relationship, and you look for ways to try new things and grow together.  Your best match is someone who shares your thirst for intellectual exploration.

You like to test your partner’s boundaries in your quest for spontaneity and new experiences.  You are never boring, and delight in surprising your partner with new ideas and experiences.

You enjoy self-improvement, and bring your partner along your journey. You don’t like stagnation and look for growth in your relationship.  This can wear down your partner at times, so give them a chance to catch their breath.  If your partner shares this quality, you will have quite a spark.

You aren’t always the most emotionally sensitive, so you need to be careful you don’t hurt your partner’s feelings without realizing it.  

Your best match is with the Intuitive (N) types, with one or two opposing traits to mix it up and grow from.  

Best matches:  ENTJ, ENFP, ENFJ

ESFJ in Love Relationships

Your love relationship is very important to you.  You treasure the security, support and devotion of a love relationship. For you, marriage and family are your goals - no casual flings for you.  You take your relationship very seriously. Being love and appreciated is your jam.

Having your partner’s support is invaluable to you.  You appreciate when they respect your dreams and ideas. You don’t like criticism or conflict, so it can make it hard for you to address problems that arise.  You can deal with adversity, as long as your partner is behind you 100%.

At times you are so focused on pleasing your partner that you might push your needs aside. This is why it’s important to make sure your gestures are reciprocated.  You are happy to please your partner, and willing to experiment. You are sensual and affectionate.

Best matches:  ISTP, ESTJ, ESTP

It is ideal to be with someone who shares your Sensing “S” trait.

ESFP in Love Relationships

You are social and live in the moment.  This also applies to dating. You love the enjoyment of today and aren’t worried about planning out your future love life.  

Given your love of fresh and new, your relationships can burn-out quickly.  You reevaluate your relationships often, and move on easily.  Easy come, easy go.

When you find one with lasting power, it can be magical for you and your partner.  You love to spend time with your partner and enjoy sharing exciting things with them.  You love being physically intimate and affectionate.  You are open-minded and enjoy it all!

You tend to gravitate towards fun topics rather than deep ones.  You are all about now, not the past or the future.

You don’t react well to advice on your love life.  You don’t like criticism, especially from your partner.   You can be dramatic.  You are impacted by other opinions and tend to seek out others that affirm your own viewpoints. This can leave you with people telling you only what you want to hear.

You see the value of investing in a long-term relationship, with the right person.  You want to enjoy that person every day, rather than settle.

Best matches:  ESFJ, ESTP, ISFP

Sharing the Sensing “S” trait it key since you’re all about the here and now.

ESTJ in Love Relationships

You are committed, direct and loyal as it relates to romance. You are the same person when dating as in a long-term relationship. Your partner can rely on you for this stability in all aspects of your relationship

You take your relationships seriously and are very committed to them.  You will invest a lot of effort and time into your relationship. You take your partner to social gatherings and events to show them a good time.

You appreciate compliments and recognition.  In your love life, you are more likely to express your affection through gifts than touchy-feely gestures. You aren’t strong at reading the emotions of a partner.  

You have strong principles and a lot of confidence. Your partner will appreciate this as long as they are not too sensitive.  

Best matches:  ESTP, ESFJ, ISTJ

You are best with a partner who shares the Sensing “S” type to minimize communication issues.

ESTP in Love Relationships

You enjoy the moment, and aren’t a planner. This is also how you see your love relationships - you are focused on the here and now, not the future.  

You are fun and your enthusiasm for life attracts others.  You have endless activities and fun things going on in your life.  You can go deep, yet you love action most of all.

When it comes to the sexual side of your relationship, you are no-holds barred.  You enjoy exploration and fun. It isn’t the emotional connection that you get from sex, so there may be a disconnect with your partner.  You see sex and love as not one and the same.

You are easily bored, and seek excitement. If your partner isn’t able to keep pace, you move on.  You don’t believe in pretending something is working when it isn’t.  You are logical about relationships.

For a long-term relationship, you need to have patience and realize it isn’t always fun.  You can do a good job keeping the spark going in your relationship when it’s a fit. Focus a bit on emotions of your partner to build a fulfilling partnership.

Best matches:  ESTJ, ESFP, INFJ

INFJ in Love Relationships

You are serious about the process of finding a love partner.  You value deep and authentic connections. You aren’t into casual flings, you look for depth in your relationships.  You will take the time to find someone you really connect with and once you do, it is an amazing relationship.

It isn’t easy to find this match for you.  You are a perfectionist and picky.  You aren’t easily persuaded by others, and don’t respond well to it. Any tactics that aren’t above board don’t go over well with you.  You are all about authenticity.

You are warm, friendly caring and insightful.  You will seek out others who share your value for authenticity.  You pleasantly surprise your partners and show them unconditional love.  You are deep and show your devotion to your partner.

You are looking for a connection that goes beyond the physical.  The emotional and spiritual connection matters to you.

Best matches:  ISTJ, INFP, INTJ

INFP in Love Relationships

You are an idealist, and you search for the perfect relationship.  You dream of the perfect relationship and the ideal world.  This is a role no one can fill. You need to recognize that nobody is perfect and relationships are not perfect.  They take work and compromise.

You aren’t in a rush to commit to a relationship. You need to be sure it is right for you.  You will compare your relationship to past relationships.   You are a passionate, hopeless romantic

You can be critical of your partner telling them how to improve. Not everyone appreciates this feedback.  You also can be sensitive to criticism and dwell on feedback you receive.

You do try your best to be the ideal partner.  You try to understand your partner’s physical needs. You are generous in your affection and put your partner’s pleasure first.  You are most happy when they are happy.

Best matches:  INFJ, ISFJ, ENFJ

INTJ in Love Relationships

Like most aspects of your life, you approach finding love with thoughtful actions to lead to a great relationship.  You are logical about finding love, and aren’t susceptible to falling head over heels. You have a set of criteria in mind, a process in your mind,  and approach it logically. You seek a deep and strong relationship.

Yet the world is not so rational or perfect.  This is why finding the right partner for you can be a challenge.  

Your candor and honesty can make dating difficult. Dating requires a bit of social graces and superficiality that you find unnecessary.  INTJ’s are wise to respect tradition, emotions, and the process of dating to get over this speedbump.

You are most likely to find love when you aren’t looking.  When you are in a comfortable environment you are at your best.  A love interest is likely to see you in action at work and be attracted to your confident intellect.  Allowing the opposite sex to find you is a great approach.

You tend to approach problems as puzzles, which can cause trouble when a partner wants you to connect with them emotionally or simply listen.

You are an enthusiastic partner that trusts your partner and gives them freedom.  You are always looking for win-win outcomes. You value honest and open communication.

Your best match shares your Intuitive (N) type since it creates a sense of familiarity and comfort.  You are also good with one or two opposing traits, such as Feeling (F) or Perceiving (P).

Best matches:  INTP, INFJ, INFP

INTP in Love Relationships

You love ideas, and love sharing with others. In a love relationship you are excited, playful and flirtatious. You take your relationships seriously.  You are loyal, direct and honest.

However, love doesn’t come to you easily.  You tend to be shy and meeting new people is hard for you.  You don’t like to risk rejection or be the center of attention. You appreciate when the opposite sex makes the first move.

You are easy to please in a relationship, yet you may be clueless that your partner has a desire for a special date night, gifts, or surprise. Plan a special date night now and then or surprise them.  

You approach conflicts logically, yet sometimes that will go over like a lead balloon. Think about your partner’s emotional needs when this happens.  Keeping this in mind you can try to empathize with their emotional side.

Your rich inner world of ideas will keep a relationship interesting. When you remember that your partner has their own thoughts and ideas the relationship is even richer.

Best matches: ENTP, INFP, ENFP

You are best paired with an Intuitive “N” type with one or two opposing features.

ISFJ in Love Relationships

Home is where the heart is for you.  You like nothing more than to take care of your family and home.  

You take dating seriously yet you tend to be shy.  You may find it hard to get to a long-term committed relationship to get to enjoy all the things you value and want.  You are best meeting someone in a familiar environment, so don’t be surprised if you meet someone through friends or at work.

You have strong feelings that you keep to yourself.  You have very strong feelings in your relationships.  You have to be careful about investing in the right relationship to avoid getting very hurt.  

You aim to please your partner.  You spend a lot of effort trying to make your partner happy.  All you need in return from your partner is commitment and appreciation.  

If you aren’t appreciated, you can be taken advantage of or feel resentful.  You have to make sure your feelings are reciprocated to have a fulfilling relationship.  

You are trustworthy, loyal and loving.  Your joy is in your relationship and home life.  

Best matches: ESFJ, ISFP, ISTJ

Your best match is someone who shares the Sensing “S” trait.

ISFP in Love Relationships

You are a warm partner, yet you can be quite mysterious and hard to get to know. You prefer to listen than talk.  You tend to focus on others, including your partner. You guard your sensitive side carefully.

You are spontaneous and are ok with changes in plans. You aren’t a planner and prefer your partner takes the lead.   You are fine as long as you get to spend time with your loved one.

You like to hear that you are loved and valued, much more so than others. It doesn’t have to be verbal, but you need to know the feelings are mutual.  You are vulnerable to criticism and need your partner’s support.

When appreciated, you are a warm and sensual.  You may be shy in public, yet you let the mask off when you are with a partner you trust.  It’s a special side you reserve for them.

You like adventure and don’t like to be forced to do anything.  You can’t be pressured into a long-term commitment and it is certain to scare you off.  You need to feel excited about the future.

Planning isn’t your strong suit yet can your relationships can benefit from a bit of focus in this area.  

Best matches:  ESFP, ISFJ, ESFJ

You best matches are Sensing “S” types who live in the here and now.

ISTJ in Love Relationships

You are dependable and this shows through in your love relationships. You are traditional and are comfortable with gender roles and a family structure.  Your dedication expects honesty and clarity in return.

You tend to be a bit shy and it can make dating a bit challenging.  You don’t like risk in dating so prefer being set-up by a friend, or having dinner with an interesting person from work.  

You are rational and approach relationships through this lens.  You look for compatibility and mutual happiness for the long-run.  Since you stick to relationships for the long-run, you evaluate these aspects carefully.

You may not be sensitive to your partners needs, especially if not clearly stated.  This can be a challenge in your relationships to tap into their unspoken emotions.  Very sensitive partners are not a great match for you.

You are reliable, committed, and dependable, which are very attractive traits in a relationship.

Best matches:  INFJ, ISTP, ISFJ

ISTP in Love Relationships

You are not easy to pin down. You can be in one moment passionate, and in another moment detached.  No one can force you along and you need your space to be yourself.  When you have this space, you can enjoy the right relationship.

When dating you can be fickle in the early stages.  You live for the now - new experiences and activities.  If your date doesn’t match up, you walk away. If someone tries to force a plan or schedule on you, you’re outta there!

You often try to loosen up your partner to have more fun and relax.  You aren’t traditional and you are likely to initiate sex early on.

You have deep feelings yet often conceal them.  You aren’t sure how to best express them and rather remain quiet than reveal them.

You don’t like to feel trapped. If a partner tries to get you to commit, you will run away.  You like living in the here and now more than feeling obligated. In your own time, you will commit.

You need a lot of room.  You like to have a lot of activities, and the freedom to change your mind.  To make your relationship more satisfying, try your best to be reliable to your partner.  

Best matches:  ISFP, INFP, ESFP

It’s good to share the Perceiving “P” trait, and have a Feeling “F” type to compliment your thinking quality.

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