The Matchmaking Process

If you are ready to accelerate your search for that special someone, matchmaking may be a good fit for you. Shannon’s very selective matchmaking starts with knowing you. For Shannon to help you find your life partner, it is important that she has a good understanding of your needs and desires.

Once you express interest, Shannon will follow-up with you to get to know a little about you and your goals. If Shannon thinks she can assist, she will offer to schedule an in-person consultation.

Getting Started

The consultation is the first step in the process. Shannon will ask you to provide some basic information before the consultation. During the consultation, you will spend time talking about your background, values, interests, upbringing, current lifestyle, career, and family. Shannon will get to know you, your relationship history, and what type of person you are looking to meet. The consultation usually takes place in-person at a comfortable café or public setting where you and Shannon can get to know each other. From this consultation you will get Shannon’s personalized recommendations for you to find true love.

Matchmaking Search

If Shannon believes you are a good fit for matchmaking, she will offer you the opportunity to partner together on your quest. Then, Shannon will develop a customized search strategy that will include tapping into her exclusive circles to find that someone special for you.


Shannon will make sure she gets to know your potential date, and will strive to meet each one in-person. This careful vetting ensures the right people are brought to you. Once Shannon has carefully screened a potential date, she will reach out to you to confirm mutual interest and introduce you.


Shannon will ask for feedback from you and your date after each date. This enables her to better target and refine your search. This precious feedback also arms you with valuable insights for future dates. This is a rare opportunity to hear the real impression you make on a date.