The #1 Quality Single Men Are Looking For - and Not Finding

Yesterday I was speaking to an eligible bachelor who is the founder of a venture capital firm. He’s Ivy League educated, smart, fun, successful, super handsome, and fit. When he told me what he was seeking, most of it didn’t surprise me - beautiful, smart, kind and fun. Then he shared with me the one key quality he wasn’t finding in the single women he was meeting in San Francisco.


What?! Yes. This guy, like most successful and smart single men in my circles appreciate and applaud a strong, successful woman. They want someone smart, a real partner they can bounce ideas with, and a woman with her own viewpoints. They want her to be passionate about her career. With all that great stuff they find the feminine side has been left behind. And they miss it!

Most women would object. Many think they are still in their feminine side and expressing it just like you always have. Yet something has changed in their daily lives — many go to work, get a lot of stuff done at work, juggle endless responsibilities and are usually pretty exhausted by the end of the day.

What is going on? Testosterone. Yup. Not just for men.

You see, both men and women create testosterone when they are doing, achieving, getting things done, and creating. Anytime we are independent, we are on our male side. This applies to men and women. When we are at work achieving, we are all on our male side.

To be happy, relaxed and fulfilled, women need to also tap into their feminine side. This is the nurturing, vulnerable, loving, trusting, responsive, and interdependent qualities women repress in their busy lives getting everything done for everyone.

The good news is, this is easy to fix. Women can tap into their feminine side very easily with a little bit of effort. If you are a single woman, try doing something nurturing for yourself before your date — get your nails or hair done, get a massage, or get some “me” time doing your favorite thing. Then, wear one of your feminine outfits, look in the mirror and smile.