The Power of Posture in Dating & Mating

While in Kauai a few years ago, I was dining outside at the Princeville St Regis. I felt a very masculine “presence” walk by. I didn’t catch who it was, just felt it, and was compelled to look. I looked behind me and gawked. It was “007” - Pierce Brosnan being seated at the nearby table.

Why was his presence so alluring? Simple. He had great posture and my subconscious mind picked this up instinctively. A modern day mating call - good posture.


In the animal kingdom, this is old news. Peacocks show-off their feathers and chimpanzees flaunt their body to attract the opposite sex. In humans, the same laws of attraction hold true. Good posture is hot!

Yet as we get older, gravity gets the best of us. We start to slouch ever so slightly and might not even realize it. If you are over 40, chances are your posture isn’t what it use to be. Many of us are shorter than we were in our 20s. Really!

Meeting with a lot of people over 50, I see how two people the exact same age look like they are 10 years apart. The one with good posture looks so much younger.

Posture matters if you are courting anything - a new relationship, new job, and a a new client. Today, courtship is so fleeting that it is hard to make an impression in this dating app world - and even in brief encounters in real life.

The good news is it is easy to fix!

If you want to increase your attraction quotient almost instantly, look to your posture. Take up a yoga class, do stretches, strengthen your core, or if you really want to get serious about it check out Egoscue. Tony Robbins does Egoscue every day, and so do famous athletes that need to be at their peak performance. When you have great posture you will look slimmer, stand taller, have more energy, and be more attractive.