Is Your Profile Picture Helping or Hurting Your Dating Life?

“ A picture is worth a thousand words.”

In dating today your photo is worth more than a thousand words. Your first impression on a dating app is your photo.  It’s the first - and quite often the last - impression you give.

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room.

Chances are your profile picture is  not doing you justice and may even be doing you harm.  So many photos singles share with me fall short.

Here are the Top 6 Pitfalls…

  1. The photo quality is poor.  It’s rare to see a good quality photo. Most are grainy or out of focus.  You may think it looks good, yet double-check the photo quality.

  2. Your photo includes others.  We really don’t want to guess who you are in the photo, nor meet your family, friends, and even beloved pet.  

  3. You only have headshots.  This leads one to wonder what you look like below your neckline.  Chances are they’ve been on enough dates where the wish they had seen a full body shot beforehand.  Believe me, your date doesn’t want to be surprised.

  4. Your photos are old.  We all want to turn the time machine back a decade yet putting old photos of yourself online isn’t the answer. You risk wasting time on dates that were hoping your younger self showed up.  Don’t do it!

  5. You forget to flirt.  A lot of times profile photos are stuffy, boring or lack spark. The best photos are full of personality and a little flirty in a subtle way.

  6. You wear clothes that don’t flatter you.  Remember to dress well. It should be attractive, and you feel / look good in it

The good news is this is all super easy to fix.

The Solution - Hire a good photographer to take headshot and full body shots in a setting you love.  Make sure they have experience taking photos for dating profiles, and ask to see their portfolio in advance to ensure there’s a fit.