ENFJ in Love Relationships

You feel most comfortable in a relationship. You are focused on commitment and take your relationships seriously.  You are focused on finding the right person for the long-run.

You love helping your partner and are very supportive towards their goals. You are comfortable talking about feelings and checking in on the progress of the relationship.  This is a good strategy to avoid conflict, yet you have to be careful about coming across as too needy.  Relax, and trust that your partner will also let you know if they have a concern.

If your partner is happy, you’re happy.  You will do everything to help your partner achieve their goals.  The downside is you sometimes focus too much on their dreams versus your own needs. Be sure to let your partner know what you need too.

You avoid conflict at all costs, yet this can lead to problems down the road.  It’s important to have conflict to resolve the core issue at hand sometimes.  Your desire to please and invest 100% in the relationship can backfire if you don’t stay true to you.

Your partner is lucky, as you do all you can to make them happy and provide a foundation for a successful relationship.

Best matches:  ENFJ, INFJ, ENFP

You are one of the few types that does well with someone just like yourself -- another ENFJ.  You both like social events, a wide circle of friends and both enjoying planning for the future. INFJ and ENFP are also good matches for you.

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