INFJ in Love Relationships

You are serious about the process of finding a love partner.  You value deep and authentic connections. You aren’t into casual flings, you look for depth in your relationships.  You will take the time to find someone you really connect with and once you do, it is an amazing relationship.

It isn’t easy to find this match for you.  You are a perfectionist and picky.  You aren’t easily persuaded by others, and don’t respond well to it. Any tactics that aren’t above board don’t go over well with you.  You are all about authenticity.

You are warm, friendly caring and insightful.  You will seek out others who share your value for authenticity.  You pleasantly surprise your partners and show them unconditional love.  You are deep and show your devotion to your partner.

You are looking for a connection that goes beyond the physical.  The emotional and spiritual connection matters to you.

Best matches:  ISTJ, INFP, INTJ

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