ENFP in Love Relationships

You love relationships and love to share life with your partner. Connecting with another person is pure joy to you.  You take your relationships seriously and are devoted to the partner you commit to.

When dating, you are affectionate and devoted.  You don’t hold back. You may find yourself in a long-distance relationship as distance doesn’t matter to you.  The distance is a fun challenge to keep the relationship spark going.

You like to explore the future, and fantasize.  You can frustrate your partner by being focused on the future versus the present.  Your spontaneity can prevent you from staying focused on the long-term relationship.  You look for excitement and devotion from your partner, and if not received you will be unhappy.

You go for broke in your relationship and when they don’t work out you wonder what you could’ve done better.  Try not to take on the weight of the failure on your shoulders -- it is a two-way street.  You also can find it hard to try again after a failed relationship, yet do your best to try again.

Best matches:  ENTJ, INTJ, INTP

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