ENTJ in Love Relationships

Like most aspects of your life, you have goals and plans to achieve what you want in finding love.  You are in it to win it, and will take a lead role in your relationships.  You take responsibility for your relationship and work hard on making it a success.  You take relationships seriously and are committed to make it work when it’s right.

You put a lot of energy into your relationships. You come up with new ideas and plans to keep the spark when you are dating, and even in your relationship.  You seek to impress, even in the bedroom. You are known to plan this excitement in advance to delight your partner.

You seek to grow and improve yourself. You are very open to your partner’s feedback, provided it is rational.  You also expect your partner to do the same.

If you find the relationship is not a “fit”, you will cut bait.  This can surprise your love partner as once you make this decision, you end things quickly.

Your best match is with other intuitive (N) types who have one to two opposing traits to create a nice blend.  INTJ is a an excellent match given the sharing of “NT” core is exciting and bodes for deep conversations, and is drama-free. Trust and reliability is shared too.

Best matches:  INTJ, ENTP, ENFJ, INTP

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