INTP in Love Relationships

You love ideas, and love sharing with others. In a love relationship you are excited, playful and flirtatious. You take your relationships seriously.  You are loyal, direct and honest.

However, love doesn’t come to you easily.  You tend to be shy and meeting new people is hard for you.  You don’t like to risk rejection or be the center of attention. You appreciate when the opposite sex makes the first move.

You are easy to please in a relationship, yet you may be clueless that your partner has a desire for a special date night, gifts, or surprise. Plan a special date night now and then or surprise them.  

You approach conflicts logically, yet sometimes that will go over like a lead balloon. Think about your partner’s emotional needs when this happens.  Keeping this in mind you can try to empathize with their emotional side.

Your rich inner world of ideas will keep a relationship interesting. When you remember that your partner has their own thoughts and ideas the relationship is even richer.

Best matches: ENTP, INFP, ENFP

You are best paired with an Intuitive “N” type with one or two opposing features.

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