INTJ in Love Relationships

Like most aspects of your life, you approach finding love with thoughtful actions to lead to a great relationship.  You are logical about finding love, and aren’t susceptible to falling head over heels. You have a set of criteria in mind, a process in your mind,  and approach it logically. You seek a deep and strong relationship.

Yet the world is not so rational or perfect.  This is why finding the right partner for you can be a challenge.  

Your candor and honesty can make dating difficult. Dating requires a bit of social graces and superficiality that you find unnecessary.  INTJ’s are wise to respect tradition, emotions, and the process of dating to get over this speedbump.

You are most likely to find love when you aren’t looking.  When you are in a comfortable environment you are at your best.  A love interest is likely to see you in action at work and be attracted to your confident intellect.  Allowing the opposite sex to find you is a great approach.

You tend to approach problems as puzzles, which can cause trouble when a partner wants you to connect with them emotionally or simply listen.

You are an enthusiastic partner that trusts your partner and gives them freedom.  You are always looking for win-win outcomes. You value honest and open communication.

Your best match shares your Intuitive (N) type since it creates a sense of familiarity and comfort.  You are also good with one or two opposing traits, such as Feeling (F) or Perceiving (P).

Best matches:  INTP, INFJ, INFP

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