ENTP in Love Relationships

You are innovative and progressive. These qualities show up in your romantic relationship as well.  Growth is fresh air to you in a relationship, and you look for ways to try new things and grow together.  Your best match is someone who shares your thirst for intellectual exploration.

You like to test your partner’s boundaries in your quest for spontaneity and new experiences.  You are never boring, and delight in surprising your partner with new ideas and experiences.

You enjoy self-improvement, and bring your partner along your journey. You don’t like stagnation and look for growth in your relationship.  This can wear down your partner at times, so give them a chance to catch their breath.  If your partner shares this quality, you will have quite a spark.

You aren’t always the most emotionally sensitive, so you need to be careful you don’t hurt your partner’s feelings without realizing it.  

Your best match is with the Intuitive (N) types, with one or two opposing traits to mix it up and grow from.  

Best matches:  ENTJ, ENFP, ENFJ

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