ESFJ in Love Relationships

Your love relationship is very important to you.  You treasure the security, support and devotion of a love relationship. For you, marriage and family are your goals - no casual flings for you.  You take your relationship very seriously. Being love and appreciated is your jam.

Having your partner’s support is invaluable to you.  You appreciate when they respect your dreams and ideas. You don’t like criticism or conflict, so it can make it hard for you to address problems that arise.  You can deal with adversity, as long as your partner is behind you 100%.

At times you are so focused on pleasing your partner that you might push your needs aside. This is why it’s important to make sure your gestures are reciprocated.  You are happy to please your partner, and willing to experiment. You are sensual and affectionate.

Best matches:  ISTP, ESTJ, ESTP

It is ideal to be with someone who shares your Sensing “S” trait.

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