ISTP in Love Relationships

You are not easy to pin down. You can be in one moment passionate, and in another moment detached.  No one can force you along and you need your space to be yourself.  When you have this space, you can enjoy the right relationship.

When dating you can be fickle in the early stages.  You live for the now - new experiences and activities.  If your date doesn’t match up, you walk away. If someone tries to force a plan or schedule on you, you’re outta there!

You often try to loosen up your partner to have more fun and relax.  You aren’t traditional and you are likely to initiate sex early on.

You have deep feelings yet often conceal them.  You aren’t sure how to best express them and rather remain quiet than reveal them.

You don’t like to feel trapped. If a partner tries to get you to commit, you will run away.  You like living in the here and now more than feeling obligated. In your own time, you will commit.

You need a lot of room.  You like to have a lot of activities, and the freedom to change your mind.  To make your relationship more satisfying, try your best to be reliable to your partner.  

Best matches:  ISFP, INFP, ESFP

It’s good to share the Perceiving “P” trait, and have a Feeling “F” type to compliment your thinking quality.

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