ESTP in Love Relationships

You enjoy the moment, and aren’t a planner. This is also how you see your love relationships - you are focused on the here and now, not the future.  

You are fun and your enthusiasm for life attracts others.  You have endless activities and fun things going on in your life.  You can go deep, yet you love action most of all.

When it comes to the sexual side of your relationship, you are no-holds barred.  You enjoy exploration and fun. It isn’t the emotional connection that you get from sex, so there may be a disconnect with your partner.  You see sex and love as not one and the same.

You are easily bored, and seek excitement. If your partner isn’t able to keep pace, you move on.  You don’t believe in pretending something is working when it isn’t.  You are logical about relationships.

For a long-term relationship, you need to have patience and realize it isn’t always fun.  You can do a good job keeping the spark going in your relationship when it’s a fit. Focus a bit on emotions of your partner to build a fulfilling partnership.

Best matches:  ESTJ, ESFP, INFJ

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