ESTJ in Love Relationships

You are committed, direct and loyal as it relates to romance. You are the same person when dating as in a long-term relationship. Your partner can rely on you for this stability in all aspects of your relationship

You take your relationships seriously and are very committed to them.  You will invest a lot of effort and time into your relationship. You take your partner to social gatherings and events to show them a good time.

You appreciate compliments and recognition.  In your love life, you are more likely to express your affection through gifts than touchy-feely gestures. You aren’t strong at reading the emotions of a partner.  

You have strong principles and a lot of confidence. Your partner will appreciate this as long as they are not too sensitive.  

Best matches:  ESTP, ESFJ, ISTJ

You are best with a partner who shares the Sensing “S” type to minimize communication issues.

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