ESFP in Love Relationships

You are social and live in the moment.  This also applies to dating. You love the enjoyment of today and aren’t worried about planning out your future love life.  

Given your love of fresh and new, your relationships can burn-out quickly.  You reevaluate your relationships often, and move on easily.  Easy come, easy go.

When you find one with lasting power, it can be magical for you and your partner.  You love to spend time with your partner and enjoy sharing exciting things with them.  You love being physically intimate and affectionate.  You are open-minded and enjoy it all!

You tend to gravitate towards fun topics rather than deep ones.  You are all about now, not the past or the future.

You don’t react well to advice on your love life.  You don’t like criticism, especially from your partner.   You can be dramatic.  You are impacted by other opinions and tend to seek out others that affirm your own viewpoints. This can leave you with people telling you only what you want to hear.

You see the value of investing in a long-term relationship, with the right person.  You want to enjoy that person every day, rather than settle.

Best matches:  ESFJ, ESTP, ISFP

Sharing the Sensing “S” trait it key since you’re all about the here and now.

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