ISFP in Love Relationships

You are a warm partner, yet you can be quite mysterious and hard to get to know. You prefer to listen than talk.  You tend to focus on others, including your partner. You guard your sensitive side carefully.

You are spontaneous and are ok with changes in plans. You aren’t a planner and prefer your partner takes the lead.   You are fine as long as you get to spend time with your loved one.

You like to hear that you are loved and valued, much more so than others. It doesn’t have to be verbal, but you need to know the feelings are mutual.  You are vulnerable to criticism and need your partner’s support.

When appreciated, you are a warm and sensual.  You may be shy in public, yet you let the mask off when you are with a partner you trust.  It’s a special side you reserve for them.

You like adventure and don’t like to be forced to do anything.  You can’t be pressured into a long-term commitment and it is certain to scare you off.  You need to feel excited about the future.

Planning isn’t your strong suit yet can your relationships can benefit from a bit of focus in this area.  

Best matches:  ESFP, ISFJ, ESFJ

You best matches are Sensing “S” types who live in the here and now.

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