ISTJ in Love Relationships

You are dependable and this shows through in your love relationships. You are traditional and are comfortable with gender roles and a family structure.  Your dedication expects honesty and clarity in return.

You tend to be a bit shy and it can make dating a bit challenging.  You don’t like risk in dating so prefer being set-up by a friend, or having dinner with an interesting person from work.  

You are rational and approach relationships through this lens.  You look for compatibility and mutual happiness for the long-run.  Since you stick to relationships for the long-run, you evaluate these aspects carefully.

You may not be sensitive to your partners needs, especially if not clearly stated.  This can be a challenge in your relationships to tap into their unspoken emotions.  Very sensitive partners are not a great match for you.

You are reliable, committed, and dependable, which are very attractive traits in a relationship.

Best matches:  INFJ, ISTP, ISFJ

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