INFP in Love Relationships

You are an idealist, and you search for the perfect relationship.  You dream of the perfect relationship and the ideal world.  This is a role no one can fill. You need to recognize that nobody is perfect and relationships are not perfect.  They take work and compromise.

You aren’t in a rush to commit to a relationship. You need to be sure it is right for you.  You will compare your relationship to past relationships.   You are a passionate, hopeless romantic

You can be critical of your partner telling them how to improve. Not everyone appreciates this feedback.  You also can be sensitive to criticism and dwell on feedback you receive.

You do try your best to be the ideal partner.  You try to understand your partner’s physical needs. You are generous in your affection and put your partner’s pleasure first.  You are most happy when they are happy.

Best matches:  INFJ, ISFJ, ENFJ

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