ISFJ in Love Relationships

Home is where the heart is for you.  You like nothing more than to take care of your family and home.  

You take dating seriously yet you tend to be shy.  You may find it hard to get to a long-term committed relationship to get to enjoy all the things you value and want.  You are best meeting someone in a familiar environment, so don’t be surprised if you meet someone through friends or at work.

You have strong feelings that you keep to yourself.  You have very strong feelings in your relationships.  You have to be careful about investing in the right relationship to avoid getting very hurt.  

You aim to please your partner.  You spend a lot of effort trying to make your partner happy.  All you need in return from your partner is commitment and appreciation.  

If you aren’t appreciated, you can be taken advantage of or feel resentful.  You have to make sure your feelings are reciprocated to have a fulfilling relationship.  

You are trustworthy, loyal and loving.  Your joy is in your relationship and home life.  

Best matches: ESFJ, ISFP, ISTJ

Your best match is someone who shares the Sensing “S” trait.

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